Hellberg, Åsa

Åsa Hellberg, who would describe herself as 'between 25 and 85 years old, both biologically and depending on today's mood', is an author and coach. She grew up in Fjällbacka, but lives in Stockholm since long ago, where she first came to work as a stewardess. She debuted in 2009 with the self-biographical novel Casanovas kvinna. After that, she has written the feel good trilogy about Sonja - Sonjas sista vilja (2012), Sonjas hemlighet (2012) and Sonjas andra chans (2017) - and the stand alone titles En liten värld (2014), Toscana tur och retur (2015), Gloria (2016) and Ett oväntat besök (2018). All of these have been very successful in Sweden and have also been sold to a series of other countries.