Lindqvist, Herman

Herman Lindqvist was born in 1943 in Stockholm, but grew up in Helsinki, Finland. He has written 60 books, mostly histories but also some fiction.

Herman studied political science and began his working life as a journalist. At the age of 25, he started working as a foreign news correspondent and for more than 20 years he covered wars and disasters all over the world for Swedish newspapers and television. With his inspiring authorial voice, Herman Lindqvist has sparked an interest for history among hundreds of thousands of Swedes.

Herman has written books on Napoleon (Swedish non-fiction best seller in 2004), Axel von Fersen and The Swedish history from prehistoric- until modern times. His more recent works include Ludvig XIV (2011), When Finland Was Sweden (2013), and Erik XIV (2014).

Herman Lindqvist lives in Paris since 1984.