A Melody for Walking

Olofsson, Elin
Swedish title
Pub Date
Jan 28, 2016

The famous singer and songwriter Sonia ‘Salida’ Sallström returns to her old childhood home, a homestead deep in the Swedish woods in Jämtland, to write her memoirs. With her she brings her young assistant, Harpan, with promises of a wonderful summer in paradise. Waiting for them at the farm is Gun-Britt, Sonia’s older sister, who runs a second-hand store with a café, and is a firm believer in the method of tough love, especially when involving her younger sister.

Gun-Britt’s daughter Jenny is also there, and has promised to help her aunt in writing her memoirs. But for some reason her focus is off, and she seems to be nervously preoccupied with a nearby mountain cabin. And there are bears roaming the area, digging through yesterday's garbage and causing a general stir. As the summer goes by, it becomes clear that it will be a time of discovery, of rekindling old relationships, of desire, discord, and music, as if the world is veering in and out of the rhythm of time’s own melody.