A Taste of Southern Italy

Roberto, Paolo
Huerta Stigebrandt, Anna
Swedish title
Paolo Robertos italienska kök
Non Fiction \ Food & Drink
Pub Date
Jun 05, 2018
195x260mm, 192 pages

Naples… The name alone makes you long to go there, whether you’ve been there before or not. One person that has been there often is Paola Roberto. Ever since he was a little boy he has spent long periods of time in the village of Maddaloni, just outside Naples. And he feels so at home there that he even has his own olive grove in the area.

Paolo has a true passion for Neapolitan cuisine and in this book he reveals his favourite places and, of course, his best recipes! There are almost 60 salad, pasta, pizza, soup, casserole and dessert recipes and they are all accompanied by genuine and beautiful photographs that capture the flavours, smells and tastes of the food.

Southern Italian cuisine is often based on vegetables, which is why Paolo gives ingredients like tomatoes, aubergines and zucchini the leading roles in his recipes for everyday food that is bursting with nutrition and flavour. The book also includes a generous portion of interesting facts about the history and culture of Southern Italian cuisine as well as its vital ingredients, like mozzarella, olives, lemons and wine.

When Paolo Roberto is around, things are never dull. He has an endless supply of interesting, amusing and moving tales and a flair for getting people to open up and share their own amazing stories. Take pleasure in them, and take pleasure in the food that will make you long to go to Naples!