As the Stars Fall

Hallberg, Lin
Swedish title
Som stjärnor faller
Children \ Fiction 12-15
Pub Date
Jun 15, 2017
125 x 197 mm, 192 pages


Tess and Tom. Tom and Tess. And how love and loyalty to a horse can give so much power that one can make the seemingly impossible in order to save it.


Tess's parents plan to follow her grandmother's last wish. They leave town on a cold January night, unaware that grief has taken over Tess’ heart, so deep that it allows her to experience things that cannot be explained. Tess feels empty without her best friend Liv at her side and she seeks solace in the great forests. There she meets Tom and his horse Star. Tom wants to learn Tess how to ride and he says he needs her help.

"Why me?" ask Tess.

"You were the only one who saw me," replied Tom.


As the Stars Fall - a story about first love - is bewildering and authentic and at the frontier between present and past. The blend of magical realism and classic horse story makes for a reading experience beyond the ordinary.