Baking with Beans

Wallentinson, Lina
Weibull, Lennart
Swedish title
Baka med bönor
Non Fiction \ Food & Drink
Pub Date
Sep 18, 2018
170x240 mm, 128 pages

Beans, peas and lentils, with all their proteins, fibres and minerals, have always been popular as healthy ingredients, and the rise in interest in gut health has now made beans climb even further up on the list.

Baking bread with beans has twice the benefits. Not only are they bursting with nutrients, they also help to regulate your blood sugar.

Baking with Beans contains recipes with and without gluten. Besides bread, there are also recipes for delicious cakes and cookies, such as kidney bean brownies and black bean chocolate chilli cookies.

The book also tells you everything you need to know about beans, peas and lentils and how they can be best used in baking. And there is a chapter on health and nutrition and how baking with beans improves their nutritive values.