Blue Longing

Nemert, Elisabet
Swedish title
Blå längtan
Fiction \ Literature & Fiction
Pub Date
Sep 05, 2018

Sweden’s most beloved author of historical women’s fiction returns with an epic, moving story of two girls from very different worlds who were predestined to find each other.

A heart-wrenching story of two survivors brought together by fate. Two girls, Naomi and Pia, are born on the same day in February 1950: Naomi in Kano, Nigeria, and Pia in Stockholm, Sweden. Naomi is taken in by Jorinda, who knows everything about healing herbs and gives Naomi a childhood on the savannah, where wild beasts soon become her best friends. Meanwhile, Pia is born in the wealthy, Swedish social-welfare state, but a childhood in an abusive home leaves her with deep scars.

Tragedy strikes when Jorinda is murdered and Naomi is placed in an orphanage. A visiting Swedish surgeon, Birgitta Kronwall, notices how Naomi is ostracized for her cleft lip, regarded as a mark of the devil, and brings Naomi back with her to Sweden - a Sweden where people of colour were rarely seen at that time. It is at a white, suburban school in Stockholm where Naomi and Pia meet and from that moment on, their lives become inseparable.

BLUE LONGING is a spellbinding story about the equal rights of men and women of all colours and stations in life in a changing world. The horrors of the Second World War are still fresh on the mind but the Sixties counter-culture is sweeping in with a new kind of freedom. Naomi’s and Pia’s unpredictable lives are filled with grief and joy, drama and love, all bound up in their enduring friendship.