Adolfsson, Maria
Swedish title
Doggerland 3
Pub Date
Feb 06, 2020

The Doggerland-based music production company KGB Produktion is a roaring success and is attracting growing numbers well-known musicians to record at its studios.

The artist Luna is originally from Doggerland, but has been living both in the USA and France for many years. Her unique style has led to a dazzling international career. During the early summer, Luna returns to her old home country to record her new album at KGB Produktion.

One of the production company’s co-owners, Kore, whom we met in the first book in the series, is a close friend of Karen’s, and she is invited to the party thrown to celebrate the completion of recording Luna’s album. The morning after the party, Luna is nowhere to be found. Has she left the island voluntarily? There are no traces to indicate where she could have gone; she seems to have vanished from the face of the earth.

Karen is asked to lead the investigation, discretely. The risk of a media frenzy is ever present, which complicates matter further.