Doggerland: Storm Warning

Adolfsson, Maria
Swedish title
Fiction \ Mystery & Thrillers
Pub Date
Feb 07, 2019

The second book in the Doggerland series takes place primarily on the northernmost of the islands of Doggerland – Noorö.

It is Christmas time, and Karen is still signed off work sick following the injuries she incurred in Doggerland: Deception. A man is found dead in a disused quarry, and several aspects of the circumstances indicate that his death was no accident.

A bad bout of flu hits the police force, and Karen is asked if she would consider returning to work early. Relieved to be able to avoid the seasonal festivities, Karen agrees and makes her way to Noorö, where her only investigational resources appear to be a few more or less cooperative colleagues from the local police district.

On New Year’s Eve another murder occurs, and the investigation unearths links to the whiskey distillery located on the island. Perhaps the millennia-old stone ship monument, located on the northernmost tip of Noorö, might also play a role.

In all of this, Karen’s main concern is the fact her relatives on the island, who have a somewhat lax approach to abiding by the law, may have something to do with the murder.