Dunne - The Perfect Present

Lagercrantz, Rose
Eriksson, Eva
Swedish title
Lycklig den som Dunne får
Children \ Fiction 6-9
Pub Date
Mar 15, 2018
148x210 mm, 128 pages, b/w illustrations

What do you do when your best friend lives in another town and the grown-ups don’t make any arrangements so you can see each other during the holidays? You organise something yourself of course! An accurate, exciting and easy-to-read story about a rock-solid friendship, together with lots of wonderful pictures.

It's half-term. and Dunne's dad goes to Rome without her. Dunne wants to go to Norrköping where her best friend Ella Frida now lives, but nobody seems to get it. Instead she has to go to grandma and grandpa's where she starts the week skiing all by herself. Just as she sets off on her skis she remembers something: it's Ella Frida's birthday and she has to buy her a present. Dunne knows the perfect gift and rushes back to the house. "Can anyone drive me to Norrköping?" she gasps. Nobody can, but when her grandmother hears about the present Dunne has planned, she weakens. "Would you be happy to go by yourself?" she asks. "And will Ella Frida's mum pick you up from the station in Norrköping?". "Of course", she replies. And Dunne sets out on a journey all on her own.