Olofsson, Elin
Swedish title
Fiction \ Literature & Fiction
Pub Date
Sep 28, 2017

A tale of secrets, love and a surprising friendship in Post-War Sweden.

Elin Olofsson has sold over 100,000 copies in Sweden.

September, 1949. Young German woman Uli Hartmann arrives at the small train station at Krokom, northern Sweden. She's wearing a luscious fur coat that she’s stolen from her previous employer Mrs. Cederstam in Malmö, and she's carrying a bundle of letters.

The letters are written by a certain Ms. Elsa Pettersson, who according to the return address on the envelopes, is supposed to live somewhere in Krokom. Uli wants to find Elsa, to uncover what happened between her and Uli's lover Hansi, who deserted and died in Norway during the war. How come Elsa wrote him all those letters? What transpired between them? And, how did they even meet?

Meanwhile, Elsa Pettersson is packing goods for the customers in the small village shop while her mind wanders. Life could be so simple, and good, if not for the secret. The secret that’s hers and hers alone to keep. She must find a way get out from under it, or else it threatens to destroy her entire existence.

When the two women meet, their lives will change irrevocably.

ENTANGLED is this year’s main selection of the biggest Swedish Book Club.

A compassionate and enticing page-turner.’

- Västerbotten-Kuriren

'In this novel, Elin Olofsson courageously takes a step forward as a writer: this novel is a treasure...’

- Vi läser

'Elin Olofsson has in her previous novels shown her prowess in portraying the big issues through day-to-day life-stories. A beautiful and important novel.'

- Tara

'Elin Olofsson has a way of depicting provincial women that is irresistible.'

- Och dagarna går...