Frankie and Vegan

Asptjärn, Åsa
Swedish title
Wursten och Veganen
Children \ Fiction 9-12
Pub Date
Sep 19, 2017
125 x 197 mm, 192 pages

Bodil is called Frankie because she loved frankfurters when she was little. She has now just finished 6th grade and it’s the summer holidays. But it’s a time when everyone, including Frankie, realises that after four years, she and Veronika are no longer best friends. Veronika has moved on from secret clubs and comics to PMS and boyfriends.

Diana the vegan moves in to a house a few streets away and things start to happen. Frankie suddenly and unexpectedly finds herself burying stolen goods in the woods in the middle of the night. She has just carried
out her first political deed with Diana.
  This is a lively and unpredictable account of not wanting to stop playing, of breaking up with your best friend, of grieving and moving on. It’s a book with loveable characters and written with great timing.
This brilliant story is full of excitement, humour and drama.