Gallop On, Sigge

Hallberg, Lin
Nordqvist, Margareta
Swedish title
Full galopp, Sigge
Children \ Fiction 6-9
Pub Date
Mar 08, 2018
148x210 mm, 112 pages, b/w illustrations

Sigge, the stable and her horse-loving friends are the most important things in Elina’s life but her mum and dad say that three days a week at the stables is enough. She has to concentrate on her schoolwork too. And it doesn’t even help when Elina tells them that she is planning to be a riding instructor when she gets older. One day some exciting news breaks out at the stables; Sally the Shetland pony is going to be taking part in the Christmas show at the arena. Every single girl at the stables wants to be chosen to ride Sally, but it is Mattis that looks after her…. Will it be fair or unfair?