Get Brain Smart - Learn Faster and Better!

Rapp, Johan
Worm, Anders
Swedish title
Bli hjärnsmart
Children \ Non Fiction
Pub Date
Sep 01, 2017
148x180 mm , 112 pages, colour

Work together with your brain and take control of your learning! This is a book for anyone that is studying and wanting to take a faster route to knowledge. A practical toolbox for lifelong use.

In recent years research into an understanding of the brain has made a huge step forward. At the same time, we are living in a digital era that involves an information overload. It’s not so strange that we find it hard to concentrate when we are continually distracted by the sound of mobile phones and games. But there’s a solution to everything! It’s about focus, willpower and a certain dose of self-discipline.

Follow the tips in this book and you’ll learn more, save time and improve your memory. Good luck!

The book gives us concrete advice on how to deal with the challenges we face in our everyday lives. The fun illustrations by Anders Worm help us to remember what we have read.