Ice Baths

Ahlgren, Linda
Vagnelind, Linda
Vagnelind, Linda
Vagnelind, Linda
Swedish title
Kalla bad
Non Fiction
Pub Date
Nov 06, 2018
220x235 mm, 160 pages

You don’t need to be a nature nerd, a health freak or a fitness fanatic to start taking ice baths. All you need is an ounce of curiosity and the desire to try something different and intoxicating. Experience the kick you get from an ice bath – swimmer’s high – and read about all the positive effects that an ice bath has on the body and mind.

Ice baths are just as fantastic in the countryside as they are in the city. A bath in the salty sea among the waves has an invigorating effect while a bath in a still freshwater lake is calming, and a dip in a deep and clear pond will help you feel at one with nature.

But what do you need? How long should you stay in the water? Should you dip your head below the surface? And how can you warm up again quickly afterwards? You’ll find the answers to these questions and many more in this inspirational book with its innovative design and dramatic pictures. A health book with a difference for anyone that wants to experience something extraordinary.