Knitting Cables

Asplund, Ivar
Axelsson, Tina
Swedish title
Sticka flätor
Non Fiction \ Home & Garden
Pub Date
Oct 31, 2017
215x280 mm, 160 pages

Cable knitting is actually quite easy, but the results are far from ordinary. Using this technique you can create garments that are firmer, thicker and warmer, garments that you can hopefully wear for several decades.
  Knitting Cables contains patterns for everything from sweaters, cardigans,  slipovers and ponchos to scarves, wrist warmers and hats and while most of the patterns are for women’s garments, there are also some for men and children. Sometimes the cable is just a stunning extra detail on a garment and at other times the entire piece is full of beautiful varieties of cable patterns. The book contains just over 20 patterns for those of you that know the basics of knitting or are already quite experienced.
Knitting Cables also contains a cable knitting tutorial with educational step by step instructions that explain the principles of cable knitting and how to
experiment with different patterns in order to achieve different effects.