My Soul To Keep

Falkenland, Christine
Swedish title
Fiction \ Literature & Fiction
Pub Date
Mar 15, 2018

Christine Falkenland returns with a darkly-passionate novel about deception, desires of the flesh and the loneliness of the soul. Pastor Erland Wallerius’s harmonious existence is disturbed by an unannounced visit from Claudia, one of his peers from school whom he hasn’t seen in years. A darkness seems to envelope her, and she asks a surprised Erland to preside over her funeral.

Claudia goes on to rock Erland's convictions at the core and sets off the sexual desires he has long been supressing in his marriage. Almost against his will he becomes entangled in a struggle between faith and doubt, sin and grace. Between body and soul. While Claudia’s insidious grip on Erland grows ever stronger, dark secrets come to light that will change Erland's life irrevocably.

MY SOUL TO KEEP is a sensual novel about purity, goodness, evil and virulent human desire by one of Sweden’s most critically-acclaimed authors.

‘Dark and pitch-perfect.’ — Göteborgs-Posten

‘Intense and holds the reader in its thrall.’ — Norrländska Socialdemokraten

‘Christine Falkenland is one of the rare authors who found her own voice early on. She createsscenes that live on inside you, multi-faceted, cinematically clear, but never one-dimensional.’ — Per Wästberg, The Swedish Academy