One-tray Meals

Taylor, Tareq
Carlsson, Peter
Swedish title
Mat på en plåt
Non Fiction \ Food & Drink
Pub Date
Oct 16, 2018
195x260 mm, 160 pages

This really is cooking at its simplest. Not only is it a way to make entire family meals that are full of flavour, you also save time on the cooking and washing up. And one-tray meals work just as well on a hectic Monday as they do at the weekend when you have more time for cooking.

One-Tray meals contains a lot more greens and a bit less meat, fish and poultry. Here you can also find recipes for pizzas with different fillings, delicious cookies baked in a pan, bread that can be used for hot and stuffed sandwiches and pull-apart breads. And why not make a home-made muesli while the oven is still hot, it’s both good and smart for the environment!

The dishes are characterised by Tareq Taylor’s healthy and tasty approach to cooking: Good, healthy and simple ingredients are transformed into delicious meals using spices from across the globe.