Paolos Yoga

Roberto, Paolo
Swedish title
Paolos yoga
Non Fiction \ Psychology & Health
Pub Date
Jan 10, 2017
170x240 mm, 96 pages

In Paolo’s Yoga, Paolo Roberto demystifies yoga as a form of exercise and emphasizes the fact that all of us have different approaches to it. To Paolo, yoga is a lifestyle. It works whether you do it for your health, for physical fitness, for flexibility or for stress relief. It’s not about whether you can touch your toes, but about what you can learn on the way down to your toes! 

In his characteristic way, Paolo shares his knowledge of yoga, and it’s not incense, Sanskrit and mantras, but the importance of breathing, focus, bodily awareness and patience. By understanding and being able to control your breathing in the different exercises, you will experience the positive effects of stretching, which brings with it strength, flexibility and a sense of calm. Paolos Yoga opens one door for those of you who have never tried yoga and perhaps another one for those of you that have already started. You can choose from a whole range of postures, from the child pose to handstands, at your own pace, or from the compilations of sequences for different needs, such as the basic session, the TV session and the Pick Me Up.

Paolo Roberto is one of Sweden’s most successful martial artists and the winner of two international titles as a professional boxer. He has also written a number of popular books on cooking and fitness, including Träna en kvart om dagen of which 100 000 copies have been sold.