Pine Away Motel and Cabins

Bivald, Katarina
Swedish title
En dag ska jag lämna allt det här
Fiction \ Literature & Fiction
Pub Date
Aug 29, 2018

New York Times best selling author of The Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend returns! A moment ago Henny Broek was crossing the street, now she’s standing at the side of the road, looking down at her own dead body. But she is not ready to let go just yet as she’s spent her life in the same old, little town, working at the same old, run-down motel.

As she watches her beloved friends reunite at her funeral, Henny is faced with a new challenge: helping her friends back to happiness, despite their seeming determination to remain lonely and miserable. Henny sets out rekindle close-knit friendships and connect old lovers. Meanwhile, her precious Pine Away Motel is also revived and fills up with quirky strangers and surprising new guests. However, the townsfolk aren't as keen on this turn of events, and tensions rise between the motel staff, guests and the community.

Will Henny’s lingering presence really help her friends and the town? Happiness quickly turns out to be a lot more complicated than Henny first thought, but where there’s love, there’s a way.

CHECK IN AT THE PINE AWAY MOTEL is a heart-warming, charming tale of love, friendship, community and the art of living, even when it’s already too late.