Puck goes to the cinema

Garhamn, Anna-Karin
Garhamn, Anna-Karin
Swedish title
Puck går på bio
Children \ Non Fiction
Pub Date
Sep 15, 2017
210 x 210 mm, 32 pages, color

Mum and Puck are going to the cinema. When they get
there they choose which film they want to see. There
are funny films and scary films but only two children’s
films. Puck chooses the one with rabbits. Then they buy
popcorn, look for the right door and find their seats.
Exciting! The film is about to start ... But help! Why
has it suddenly gone dark? The rabbits in the film hop
and bounce around and Puck can hardly sit still. It’s so
exciting that Puck suddenly needs to do a wee-wee ...
A fun picture book about going to the cinema for
the first time.