Scandinavian Clean Living

Embracing Your Toxin-Free Lifestyle

Johansson, Martina
Lindkvist, Fanny
Swedish title
Non Fiction \ Narrative non-fiction & Essays
Pub Date
Jan 05, 2018

With the growing awareness of the harmful chemicals and additives in consumer and environment products, many of us strive to find ways to lead healthier lifestyles. And to do so without adding stress to our already full and hectic daily schedules. But purchasing environmentally-friendly, toxin-free household products and foodstuffs can be costly - so what if there was an easier - and cheaper - way to do it yourself?

SCANDINAVIAN CLEAN LIVING is your easy, accessible how-to guide with tips, recipes, and easily adoptable changes that make a big difference and also reduce waste packaging. In this book, the authors combine modern technology and findings from their own experiments with traditional home remedies, to find new, easy ways to detox your life and home while saving money. The reader learns how to make everything from your own hair dye, to mosquito repellent for you and your pets, to delicious, chemical and additive-free food that your family will love!

SCANDINAVIAN CLEAN LIVING is a fresh, new lifestyle book packed full of practical tips and insight on how to eliminate harmful substances from our daily lives to lead a happier and healthier, toxin-free lives the Swedish way!