Wiström, Flora
Swedish title
Children \ Young Adult
Pub Date
Sep 15, 2016
145 x 185 mm, 378 pages

Esther feels like she is stuck and getting nowhere with her life. Her existence seems to come down to endless shifts at the second-band bookshop and decadent Saturday nights with her best friend Hanin. But one day she meets Eli. Independent, artsy Eli with his deep voice and paint-stained hands. This marks the beginning of the most beautiful and at the same time most difficult year in Esther's life.

Stockholm, a dark winter night. Esther sees him for the first time. He selects a book on Frida Kahlo and pays without bringing himself to look her in the eyes. Outside the snowstorms rage and it is pitch black already, at three o'clock. Esther does not dare to ask for his phone number, despite her best friend encouragements still echoing in her head: Go for it! How very lucky Esther is to have Hanin in her life. Who else would help her get into nightclubs or press "send" on her messages when Esther hesitates?

Stay is about lifting others spirits up when your own self is feeling down, about that great life-changing love and to be there for each other, no matter the circumstances. Stay is also ultimately a tribute to sisterhood. There is much love in this sensual debut, for good - and for evil.

Flora Wiström is a young blogger, illustrator and editor of Metro Creative. This is her first novel.

Her blog can be found at