The Advantages of ADHD

Hansen, Anders
Zachrisson, Lisa
Swedish title
Fördel ADHD
Non Fiction \ Psychology & Health
Pub Date
Sep 26, 2017
148x210 mm, 200 pages

Do you know someone that’s highly driven, creative, fearless, questioning, flexible, stubborn and enterprising? A person that often thinks outside the box and that appears to be able to shake off almost every adversity? Perhaps you’re even one of those people? But you’d probably be surprised to hear that these positive traits are typical for people with ADHD – a disorder that has long been considered as only being problematic.

Nowadays it is believed that these partially hereditary personality traits were essential in order for our ancestors to be able to survive.

Those people that didn’t have the energy to hunt or to be able to hyperfocus on the savannah either died of starvation or became prey to wild animals. Quite simply, it was advantageous to have these traits that are now regarded as being a diagnosis. We also know that all of us have some degree of ADHD and that we are all on the scale – some at one end and some at the other end.

Learn how to turn this diagnosis into an advantage, whether it’s yourself or your children, and how to handle the disadvantages. And discover the positivity in the fact that we aren’t all the same with the same personalities. Different is best – whether it’s family or work. By the author of the popular Brain Power, sold in Sweden (80.000 copies) and ten other countries.