The Crystal City

Claesson, Maths
Swedish title
Children \ Fiction 12-15
Pub Date
Oct 02, 2014
300 pages, 134 x 213 mm
  • " "The books about Linux who wants to go to space are real, genuine and wildly funny science fiction about a bright future which for once is not chracterized by doom. /.../ Like the Harry Potter books, but in space." Lotta Olsson, Dagens Nyheter "

The adventure begins! Linux is at last on his way to fulfilling his dream of one day becoming a space pilot. But the competition at the school in Crystal City is harder than ever.
Linux is at last starting out! An entirely new life begins at the Crystal City space station. Maybe the impossible dream that Linux has will materialize after all. But life in space is not exactly as he had imagined. Despite all that is new and exciting, Linux discovers that it can be lonely being thousands of kilometers away from family and friends. Besides, new challenges await in Crystal City. With top students from the entire Union, the competition is much fiercer than the selections in Stockholm and Linux must do his utmost to keep up. This time it’s really important, for one small slip can have serious consequences...
The first book about Linux was greeted as “irresistible, exciting, thought- provoking and overwhelming" and “a top notch reading adventure". Now the awaited follow-up is here.