The Darkest Day

Nesser, Håkan
Swedish title
Människa utan hund
The Barbarotti Series
Pub Date
Apr 07, 2006
500 pages

When family secrets are revealed

It is December in Kymlinge and the Hermansson family gather to celebrate a 105th birthday party - dad Karl-Erik is turning 65, his eldest daughter Ebba, 40.

But nothing goes according to plan. On the night before the big celebration, Robert, Karl Erik’s son and something of a celebrity after appearing in a successful reality show, decides to take a walk - and is never seen again. The following evening, Ebba’s son Henrik also disappears without a trace.

The peculiar case falls to Gunnar Barbarotti, a Detective Inspector of Italian extraction. Could the disappearance of two members of the same family, from the same address, in the space of twenty-four hours really be a coincidence? Is there some sort of plan? Is there a connection?

To solve the mysterious chain of events, Barbarotti must uncover the dysfunctional family’s darkest secrets and make the invisible visible - not without finding himself wishing that he had a benevolent higher force to turn to in these most difficult moments.

MAN WITHOUT DOG is the first novel in Håkan Nesser’s Barbarotti quintet.