The Good Girl Revolt

Feminism for the 21st Century

Ohlsson, Birgitta
Swedish title
Duktiga flickors revansch
Non Fiction \ Narrative non-fiction & Essays
Pub Date
Feb 13, 2017
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    'A feminist showdown of explosive force.'

    - Dagens Agenda

    “This incredible book should get pride of place on your bookshelf!”

    -Damernas Värld

    'Birgitta Ohlsson stands at the barricades and writes...razor-sharp and with fire. It is smart and thought-provoking.'

    - Expressen

    “It’s great to find a book with such a clear intention to champion all the girls and women who in various ways and for various reasons have made their minds up to get out there and do it... ‘YOU MUST BELIEVE in yourself,’ writes Birgitta Ohlsson in her book. And with this simple sentence I suddenly understand what the driving force throughout my life has been...”

    - ETC

    “A wonderful book that gives good girls a boost and highlights all the positive things that come from being good... Facts and interesting statistics are mixed in with keen personal insights and fascinating experiences... Read it!”

    - Kommunalarbetaren

    “one of the most remarkable books of the season.”

    - Smålandsposten

    “...a vitamin injection with a marked effect – you will stand up tall, proud of everything you have achieved.”

    - M-Magasin

    “...Birgitta Ohlsson [is] not only a diligent, competent woman but also a bit of a rebel... Birgitta has written a book that makes you think, a book to talk about.”

    - Hallands Nyheter

    “Finally... I am going to stick them [the 10 commandments] up on my fridge, and all you good girls should do the same.”

    - Baaam


Why are the overachieving ‘Good Girls’ often ignored at work, frequently bypassed in their careers, and even criticised for their exacting standards instead of applauded, promoted and encouraged?

Swedish high profile liberal politician Birgitta Ohlsson pens a personal and  forceful exposé on modern feminism from the angle of the chronically overlooked Good Girl. The quiet, hard working woman who always delivers to deadline, always achieves a little more than is expected, always gets the job done and then some, and yet fails to win the big promotion.

Tired of being used as a calming influence for misbehaving boys at school, tired of watching the same loud, not-as-qualified men get promoted and chosen over her at work, and tired of being told to relax her exacting standards, Birgitta Ohlsson offers a road map to modern feminism directed at all women (and men) – not just the overachieving Good Girls, but definitely them too!

Ohlsson has written a fiery call to arms aimed at her female compatriots designed to encourage and embolden the Good Girl to step into her rightful position.