The Vikings

Vänehem, Mats
Vänehem, Mats
Swedish title
Children \ Non Fiction
Pub Date
Jun 24, 2015
250 x 290 mm, 48 pages, color

A book about Vikings by Mats Vänehem who has written, illustrated and dug deep—like the archaeologist he is! Who were the Vikings? Go on an exciting dig among prehistoric graves, houses, boats and sacrificial places. Every object that is found is a piece of puzzle for a picture about the Viking age. Archaeologist and illustrator Mats Vänehem tells the story. With his expertise and his detailed, imaginative illustrations, he paints an extensive and somewhat unexpected picture of one of the most myth-filled eras in Sweden’s history. The Vikings is a richly illustrated non-fiction book in large format that is suitable for the entire family to read together.