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    I Breathe, Therefore I am

    Cederquist, Caroline

    How do you break up with your own mother?

    “I get bruises on my legs. But I’ve had bruises before, on my soul. And there’ll be more in the future.”

    Throughout her childhood, Caro ... Show Book

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    The Best Thing That Ever Happened to Me

    Schreiber, Johanna

    What do you do when life turns out to be different than you thought?

    Children—the meaning of life. Right? For real estate agent Ermina, influencer Freddie and high school teacher Sigrid the paths l ... Show Book

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    Eat Good

    Rockström, Johan
    Bignet, Victoria
    Landqvist, Malin

    This is the cookery book that helps you to save the world in your very own kitchen. It presents 60 recipes using ingredients that are healthy and sustainable. The recipes are Nordic-inspired with a Mediterranean twist ... Show Book

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    Nazi Gold

    Wallén, Marcus

    A gripping documentary of the hunt for the legendary Nazi gold train.

    Between 1935-45, the Nazis systematically robbed the Jewish population of Germany and the occupied territories of their gold, a ... Show Book

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    Doggerland: Storm Warning

    Adolfsson, Maria

    Maria Adolfsson returns with the successful Doggerland series, the first book selling over 50 000 copies

    It’s Christmas time, and Karen is still signed of work sick following the injuries she incur ... Show Book

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    Reinventing Ella

    Grede, Klara

    A heart-warming feel-good debut, in the vein of internationally bestselling Katarina Bivald, set in the cold of the Swedish winter about daring to let go and finding love for a second time in life

    ... Show Book

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