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    Olofsson, Elin

    September 1949. The young german woman Uli Hartmann arrives att Krokom's train station. She's wearing a coat that she stole from her previous employer Mrs. Cederstam, and she's carrying a bundle of letters. All the le ... Show Book

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    Holmén, Martin

    The trilogy begins during the cold, dark autumn of the Kreuger Crash in 1932, while the finale takes place four years later. In each of the novels, Harry Kvist gets caught in the crossfire between powerful groupings a ... Show Book

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    Bird Diary 2018

    Zetterström, Dan
    Ottosson, Mats
    Zetterström, Bill

    From January’s birdlife, which goes on the back burner during the bitter winter cold to the melancholy autumn months when the migrating birds leave us for more southerly latitudes.
    Each season has its particular b ... Show Book

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    Sharks, activity book with stickers

    Sheppard, Sarah

    Sarah Sheppard's loved non-fiction books continue to delight and inspire readers of all ages. In this book, the journey continues in an activity book filled with nice or rather dangerous sharks to color and draw, laby ... Show Book

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