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    The Cuddly Toy

    Dahlin, Petrus

    Cuddly toys are for wimps, Leo knows that. Theo definitely doesn’t want to be a wimp - that’s why he rips all his cuddly toys apart. But then he sees a rabbit in the toyshop and he just can’t resist it. So he buys it. ... Show Book

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    Tina's Kitchen

    Nordström, Tina

    Tina’s back. And she’s as generous as ever in sharing her expertise and advice as well as many new and wonderful recipes. With the help of step-by­step pictures and texts, Tina describes how to carry out the most
    ... Show Book

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    In the Middle of the Rose

    Widmark, Martin

    Once again Martin Widmark proves his ability to create a mystery that really captivates the reader, with meaningful language and a great feeling for detail. In the richly illustrated The middle of the Rose, he has create ... Show Book

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    Kurran and Pigan's Winter Adventure

    Moroni, Lisa

    The first snow has just fallen in the woods where Kurran and Pigan live and it’s changed everything. Pigan decides that she wants to stay awake this winter. She wants to experience snow and all the fun things that Kur ... Show Book

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    Holmén, Martin

    The trilogy begins during the cold, dark autumn of the Kreuger Crash in 1932, while the finale takes place four years later. In each of the novels, Harry Kvist gets caught in the crossfire between powerful groupings a ... Show Book

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    A Close Look at Birds

    Ottosson, Åsa
    Ottosson, Mats
    Magnusson, Roine

    Not a single other wild creature comes as  close to us or can warm our hearts, arouse our curiosity and make our pulses rise as much as birds.
      A Close Look at Birds presents the birds around us as never b ... Show Book

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