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    Christmas at Märta's Stable

    Eklund Wilson, Erika

    Christmas is approaching and everyone at Märta’s stables is busy making preparations. The children will be holding a Christmas

    party and a show for all the parents. Märta and her best friend Maja are baking and ... Show Book

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    Charlie, Charlie, are you there?

    Genar, Katarina

    Join us at the school where you can hear hissing sounds, light footsteps behind you and laughter that makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up. It’s the ghosts. They are hiding everywhere.

    The sc ... Show Book

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    The Christmas Jumper

    Heikkilä, Cecilia

    Fransson the homeless cat finds winter difficult. He has to spend all day wandering around the town just to stop his paws from freezing

    to the ground. From the outside he looks in on the Christmas shopping anima ... Show Book

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    The detective handbook

    Widmark, Martin

    This helpful handbook will for the first time give you the best tricks to start your very own detective agency. Follow Lasse and Maja behind the scenes and learn from the masters how to read a crime scene, interview w ... Show Book

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    Ninja Timmy and the city of ice

    Tamm, Henrik

    An amazing adventure with fantastic illustrations by the Hollywood celebrity Henrik Tamm. In the previous book in the series, Ninja Timmy went looking for his unknown father. This time he’s on the hunt for his lost mo ... Show Book

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    Two faced

    Sekelius, Thomas

    Makeup is fun. Makeup is an art form. Makeup is for everyone.

    Step into the world of Thomas Sekelius and learn how to experiment with your look with the help of makeup.

    How do you create glow? How ... Show Book

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