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    Bird Diary 2018

    Zetterström, Dan
    Ottosson, Mats
    Zetterström, Bill

    From January’s birdlife, which goes on the back burner during the bitter winter cold to the melancholy autumn months when the migrating birds leave us for more southerly latitudes.
    Each season has its particular b ... Show Book

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    With No Human Value

    Rogneby, Jenny

    Over 120 000 copies sold in Sweden over the series!

    LEONA is a hardboiled Scandinavian crime series, filled with unexpected twists and turns, featuring an unusual heroine. LEONA makes for a grippin ... Show Book

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    Wirsén, Stina

    In Book! we meet Little Pink and Little Pea who find a big colourful book - but what can you actually do with it? Can you fly on it, sail on it and fight over it? Yes!! And you can read it ... but who lives ins ... Show Book

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    Fun with Measurments

    Bross, Helena

    Practise centimetres, decimetres and metres with the friends in
    "Class 1B". Measure things close by and guess who’s tallest or
    shortest. An activity book full of fun exercises at just the right level
    for e ... Show Book

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