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    Help! He's drowning!

    Salmson, Jo

    The books in the highly popular Help! series are very easy for children to read and relate to.

    In Help! He's drowning! the author takes the beginner readers on another, somewhat scary, everyday drama ... Show Book

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    Halvdan and Meia. Among slaves and gods

    Widmark, Martin

    A Viking adventure and reference book all in one! The author Martin Widmark and archaeologist and illustrator Mats Vänehem take us to the Viking Age’s Uppåkra - the Nordic centre of power and trade a thousand years ag ... Show Book

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    The Volcano and the Monster Fire Truck

    Sjölin, Daniel

    What’s better than one monster fire truck? THREE awesome monster vehicles of course!

    When best friends Ivar MacPliv and Charlie MacBling fall out, there’s only one thing that can be done to put things ri ... Show Book

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    Christmas at Märta's Stable

    Eklund Wilson, Erika

    Christmas is approaching and everyone at Märta’s stables is busy making preparations. The children will be holding a Christmas

    party and a show for all the parents. Märta and her best friend Maja are baking and ... Show Book

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    The Aqua Park

    Dahlin, Petrus

    At last! Märta and Selma are going to visit the fantastic aqua park that everyone at school is talking about. The girls are very excited, but a bit nervous too. Rumour has it that if you happen to throw yourself down ... Show Book

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    Charlie, Charlie, are you there?

    Genar, Katarina

    Join us at the school where you can hear hissing sounds, light footsteps behind you and laughter that makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up. It’s the ghosts. They are hiding everywhere.

    The sc ... Show Book

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