Children's Books

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    The Christmas Jumper

    Heikkilä, Cecilia

    Fransson the homeless cat finds winter difficult. He has to spend all day wandering around the town just to stop his paws from freezing

    to the ground. From the outside he looks in on the Christmas shopping anima ... Show Book

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    The detective handbook

    Widmark, Martin

    This helpful handbook will for the first time give you the best tricks to start your very own detective agency. Follow Lasse and Maja behind the scenes and learn from the masters how to read a crime scene, interview w ... Show Book

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    Ninja Timmy and the city of ice

    Tamm, Henrik

    An amazing adventure with fantastic illustrations by the Hollywood celebrity Henrik Tamm. In the previous book in the series, Ninja Timmy went looking for his unknown father. This time he’s on the hunt for his lost mo ... Show Book

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    Ylvania. The time of the stolen shadows

    Hällen, Ylva

    A few years have passed since the last book and Jiro’s brother Rot, the half-sleeping child, has still not come out of the coma caused by the evil Master’s poison. Jiro is upset that nobody seems to want to help him.< ... Show Book

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    Chino's Chubby Cheeks

    Nilsson Thore, Maria

    Who has the biggest and softest cheeks and runs the fastest in the wheel? The answer is Chino – the fun and lively hamster who ensures

    that everyone in the cage has fun. Chino loves being the centre of attention ... Show Book

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    Indra Larsson's not-so-perfect horselife

    Hallberg, Lin

    The author of the popular Sigge series is back with a new series for all book lovers. This is the first book in the new series “The Horse Whistler”.

    This is a book about dreams and about doing anything fo ... Show Book

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