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    Athena. Grattis världen - jag är här nu!

    Ek, Elin

    Athena is twelve years old and doesn’t take any shit! She doesn’t think the world should take any shit either, so in order to save everything (someone has to!) she starts an activist group, ”Save the Earth Cl ... Show Book

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    Roll, Roll Little Nystan

    Nordström, Åsa

    Lilla Nystan is a little ball of wool that is all alone, rolling here and there in the wind. Follow it on its journey through the town and

    out into the countryside and see what happens on the way in this poetic ... Show Book

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    The Story of the Red Apple

    Lööf, Jan

    A modern classic.

    Once upon a time there was a man in a striped suit that placed an apple in the window to let it ripen in the sun. But the apple fell

    onto his great grandmother’s head, who screamed ... Show Book

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    Knotan Throws

    Bengtsson, Per

    Knotan has a whole basketful of balls at home and he can throw all of them. The little ball flies a long way, out into the hall, past the shoes and into the bathroom where it disappears! The big ball knocks over and b ... Show Book

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    Knotan Loves Buttons

    Bengtsson, Per

    Knotan loves buttons. Press, press on dad’s mobile phone. Twist, twist on the washing machine. Look, a lamp! Click!

    Oh dear, all of a sudden it’s dark. Jacket on. There are buttons on that too. Ring, ring on the ... Show Book

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    A Party for All

    Oljemark, Ninni

    Topsy-Turvy gets a new resident, pig Greta moves in! Wolf, Rune and Rabbit immediately get curious. Who is she? Does she like

    cakes? What if she is too shy to make contact with her new neighbours? What if she th ... Show Book

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