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    A Museum for All

    Oljemark, Ninni

    The three friends Wolf, Rune and Rabbit live together in a small house, in the town of Topsy-Turvy. All three are quite different.

    Wolf is good at baking and making sure that everyone gets along. Rabbit likes to ... Show Book

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    Badger's Journey

    Heikkilä, Cecilia

    A long time ago Badger was the captain of a boat, but now he’s old and tired and lives a peaceful life on his little island. But it’s

    a windy place and one day a little animal is washed ashore. And when it wakes ... Show Book

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    Gallop on, Sigge

    Hallberg, Lin

    A new book in this favourite series for all young horse enthusiasts. Sigge, the stable and her horse-loving friends are the most important things in Elina’s life but her mum and dad say that three days a week at the s ... Show Book

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    Julia in Town

    Eriksson, Eva
    Moroni, Lisa

    Julia and her mum have gone into town. But there are so many people everywhere and Julia is busy saying hello to everyone they

    meet, at the same time as she has to keep her eyes on her mum …

    The boo ... Show Book

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    The Big Cheat

    Ljunggren, Magnus

    Knights and adventures in this easy-to-read and playful book for girls and boys that have just started to read.

    The King’s cousin the Emperor is visiting and he has the children from the school in the c ... Show Book

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    Extinct animals of the world

    Hansegård, Jens

    What do you know about the amazing animals that lived on earth a very long time ago? Besides dinosaurs there were many other species that were just as ex- citing. The animals in this book include the poor dod ... Show Book

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