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    Detective Gordon: the Biggest Smallest Police Officer

    Nilsson, Ulf

    A lovely and lively picture book, a wonderful read-aloud adventure for big and small about the little and brave mouse Pip who just started preschool. That day, everyone is on a study visit to the forest police station ... Show Book

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    To Vial

    Ståhl, Henrik

    Planet earth is heading to its downfall. On board a spaceship on its way to the rescue of planet Vial, we find some siblings who possibly are not alone onboard. The playwright and actor Henrik Ståhl has written a capt ... Show Book

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    Vips in the Tree

    Jonsson, Oskar

    Vips, the forest’s smallest and most helpful adventurer, takes shelter in the great oak during a heavy rain. There he finds a scared and sad woodpecker who has lost his family. Vips must help his new friend!

    In ... Show Book

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    I Cultivate – Indoors, on The Balcony and in The Garden

    Ek, Elin

    This new book by Elin Ek is the ultimate cultivation guide for all beginners! Here you will find everything you need to know to grow your own vegetables and flowers, whether you live in a villa or a high-rise building ... Show Book

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    Compete With Sigge

    Hallberg, Lin

    The Sigge books form a popular series about horses. Everybody Loves Sigge, the first book in the series, was awarded a prize by the Book Jury, which is the children’s own list of the year’s best books. The books have ... Show Book

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    The Space Pilots and Captain Zenok's Evil Wish

    Ljunggren, Magnus

    In space, anything and everything can happen – and so it does, in the new action-packed series, Space Pilots.

    Welcome aboard the space station BrT-22Xz-9*! Max, Kim and Sam are three children who live there. On ... Show Book

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