Fiction 12-15

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    The Mountain of Nine Gateways

    Widmark, Martin

    Tyko and Julius manage to enter the second world, The World of the Red Road where Tyko faces yet another miracle: His friend Julius is not actually a he, but a she - Julia. It’s also time for Tyko to open the sealed l ... Show Book

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    Barlach, Peter

    Sexual fantasies about the family’s Polish cleaner Violetta and his friendship with the amazing Gabriel - these are the focal points of fifteen-year-old John’s life one seminal spring.

    John is in Year Ele ... Show Book

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    Baristas: the Second Book

    Rudberg, Denise

    This is the second book in the series about the three young guys that despite their different backgrounds become the best of friends as baristas in the same coffee bar in central Stockholm. Despite the fact that th ... Show Book

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    The Love Crisis

    Håkans, Ann Caroline

    Why are you one type of person at school, and a completely different one at home?

    Juni tells about her failures and bad points in a funny and drastic way, and you feel strongly for this deeply human anti-heroine ... Show Book

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    Amanda's Book

    Janouch, Katerina

    The first part of a new series by Katerina Janouch, about the sexual initiation of three girlfriends. In the first book we meet Amanda, who is fifteen years old and a virgin.

    “My so-called sexuality can be summe ... Show Book

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    World Cup Summer

    Ljunggren, Magnus

    This is a novel about football, friendship, falling out, love, betrayal, and, not least, morality. Why do we end up in awkward situations where there seems to be no way out?
    Magnus and his friends witness the noto ... Show Book

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