Fiction 12-15

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    My Spare Life

    Unenge, Johan

    This is a graphic novel about being brave even if you don't want to.

    "How the hell did this happen? Not very long ago I was in my room playing Mortal Combat 3 with my pal Ubbe. Or watching Hellevik Tigers playi ... Show Book

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    The Lighthouse and the Stars

    Thor, Annika
    Thor, Per

    On an island out in the sea, the longing to know the truth is growing inside Blenda - and one stormy autumn night the story catches up with her… Blenda Starry Eyes. That’s what her daddy used to call her. But Blenda a ... Show Book

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    Double Fault

    Barlach, Peter

    After the catastrophe - in the midst of puberty.
    That’s right where 12 year-old John is. Six months after the death of his mother in a car accident, John starts at a new school in Year 7. From having loads of frien ... Show Book

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    The All Saints Sacrifice

    Lidbeck, Petter

    Shirin and her father are living for free in a large, beautiful manor house with stables and horses. They look after themselves and can do whatever they like, in principle - as long as they don’t go up into the attic… ... Show Book

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    Rudberg, Denise

    This is Denise Rudberg’s first novel for young people. She has previously enjoyed considerable success with novels for adults such as The Friend, Size 37, RSVP, and Jenny S, which is to be fil ... Show Book

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