Fiction 12-15

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    A Thousand Times Stronger

    Herrström, Christina

    When Signe was younger, she felt free and happy. She had the courage to make the most of life. Her class at school was lively and good fun. But when she started in Year 6, everything changed. How the girls regarded th ... Show Book

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    Sandor slash Ida

    Kadefors, Sara

    Ida is sixteen-years old and lives in Stockholm with her mother. Her mother suffers from depression and mainly lies in bed with her face turned to the wall, her hair dirty, wearing a pair of jogging pants. Ida takes c ... Show Book

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    A Faraway Island

    Thor, Annika

    Stephie and Nellie Steiner are sent from Vienna to Sweden in 1939 to escape the German persecution of the Jews. Their mother and father have to remain behind, and Stephie, who is twelve, has promised to look after her ... Show Book

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    Pontus 4 Steps From the Pros

    Unenge, Johan

    Skateboarder Pontus has made the skateboard team sponsored by Gaffa. Everyone gives one hundred percent, and Pontus is nowhere near being the best. But he’s on the team. At the same time, there’s his other life at sch ... Show Book

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    The house at the end of the road

    Nordin, Magnus

    When a horror story becomes real... !

    As usual, they had devoted quite a few nights to sneaking cigarettes and listening to Pierre’s thrilling stories at the Eagle’s Nest, their secret hideout, and then laying ... Show Book

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