Fiction 6-9

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    Little Black Dog in the Night

    Lagercrantz, Rose

    Samson is a little black dog, one of those happy dogs that love
    greeting all the other dogs, even the big grumpy ones.
      Samson’s mum collapsed in the underground station and is
    carried away by the parame ... Show Book

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    The Cuddly Toy

    Dahlin, Petrus

    Gabriel thinks that plush toys are for little kids only. It's lucky nobody knows that he sleeps with his cuddly bunny at night. But things take a sinister turn as Gabriel's other toys start breaking, showing signs of ... Show Book

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    Detective Gordon: A Case for Paddy

    Nilsson, Ulf

    Paddy is happy and content with her life as a policewoman, but Gordon suddenly starts to wonder where she came from and where her mum lived. The terrible thing is that Paddy doesn’t know. She’s forgotten everything. L ... Show Book

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    Ester's Longing

    Hallberg, Lin

    Every child needs a pet - and that’s something that the sales assistant in the magical pet shop knows. Ester sits and looks out of the window of the basement room her family now lives in. She can see the street outsid ... Show Book

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    Earth's Scariest Creatures

    Hansegård, Jens

    People have always believed in mythical creatures and beings, even if they haven’t been able to prove that they exist, and there are plenty of tales about elemental beings and scary beasts. If you’re not easily scared ... Show Book

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