Fiction 6-9

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    Extinct animals of the world

    Hansegård, Jens

    What do you know about the amazing animals that lived on earth a very long time ago? Besides dinosaurs there were many other species that were just as ex- citing. The animals in this book include the poor dod ... Show Book

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    The Circus Pony

    Hallberg, Lin

    A circus has come to Vik. Tiger has gotten hold of some tickets so Levi and Lo can go too. Tiger doesn’t really like circuses because

    he doesn’t think that animals should have to do tricks and his fears are conf ... Show Book

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    The Mischievous Bruno

    Hallberg, Lin

    Step into the magical pet shop where there is a perfect animal for every child and a shopkeeper that knows which pet that is.

    Bruno’s mum says that he has to go out. He can’t sit at home in front of the ... Show Book

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    Alone in the City

    Bross, Helena

    Class 1B are on a school trip. They are going to the museum to see a dinosaur exhibition. Everyone is really excited. But to get to the

    museum they need to take the bus and the underground – so it’s important th ... Show Book

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    The Big Cheat

    Ljunggren, Magnus

    Knights and adventures in this easy-to-read and playful book for girls and boys that have just started to read.

    The King’s cousin the Emperor is visiting and he has the children from the school in the c ... Show Book

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    Lasse and Maja's Summer Holiday Book

    Widmark, Martin

    A short story, fun activities and inspiration for your own summer activities all in one book. Everyone in Valleby appears to be crazy about sports now that the crazy Valleby Games is about to take place and the priest ... Show Book

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