Fiction 9-12

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    Billie: Everyone Together

    Kadefors, Sara

    People want to do things all the time. They want to be together, they want to be on their own, they want to move apart and, above all, they don't want to tell anyone what they actually think and feel. And Billie reall ... Show Book

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    The Secret City

    Strömqvist, Johanna

    Delve into an enchanting world of magic and machines, monsters and adventures! A fantastically atmospheric and scary story. This is the standalone end of the success series. Saga lives with her family in a castle deep ... Show Book

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    The Blue Night

    Salmson, Jo

    The Blue Night is the third and final book in Jo Salmson's highly acclaimed fantasy trilogy "The Fate of the Dragons". Nea has met dragon rider Tam and his blue dragon Sky, but horrifying things await t ... Show Book

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    Minoo and the Winter Ship

    Ehring, Anna

    One day a letter from the Migration Agency comes through the door. A white envelope that Minoo and her family have been waiting for, for as long as she can remember. Their future lies in that envelope. Someone has dec ... Show Book

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    In the Middle of the Rose

    Widmark, Martin

    Once again Martin Widmark proves his ability to create a mystery that really captivates the reader, with meaningful language and a great feeling for detail. In the richly illustrated The middle of the Rose, he has cre ... Show Book

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    Frankie and Vegan

    Asptjärn, Åsa

    Bodil is called Frankie because she loved frankfurters when she was little. She has now just finished 6th grade and it’s the summer holidays. But it’s a time when everyone, including Frankie, realises that after four ... Show Book

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