Fiction 9-12

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    Before and after Clea

    Danielsson, Jesper

    Summer holidays. Everything is perfect. Perfect, that is until Clea shows up from the future and tells a story that is as improbable as frightening. Jesper Danielsson has written an evocative thriller and adventure th ... Show Book

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    Nelly Rapp and the School Ghosts

    Widmark, Martin

    Nelly and Valle have become masters at handling monsters and other dangers looming, always strictly following their three principles: knowledge, cunning and calm. But is this the right approach if you want to teach th ... Show Book

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    Mira and Martin

    Ehring, Anna

    Mira and Martin often hang out together. They have a special place in the woods where they meet. But at school they hardly acknowledge one another.  Anna Ehring, the August-nominated author of Jam Sandwiches an ... Show Book

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    Hunt for the Nights Star

    Strömqvist, Johanna

    Saga lives with her parents, her best friend and her monsters in a castle deep in the woods. Their peaceful life is however threatened by evil outside.

    Along with her two best friends, she has to find a way to f ... Show Book

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    Billie, youre the best

    Kadefors, Sara

    Billie’s optimism and curiosity are her strength, even when the October's sky lies low and secrets are still kept behind closed doors. Sara Kadefors book series on Billie has been praised by readers and critics.

    < ... Show Book
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    The Dragons Song

    Salmson, Jo

    The Dragons Song is the second part in Jo Salmson’s new fantasy series The Fate of the Dragons. She has written enormously popular series for 6+ before. This time she writes for children w ... Show Book

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