Fiction 9-12

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    The Secret of Corpuratus

    Wendt, Johan
    Moström, Tor

    The books about Curly Bracket are a series of short stories that introduce the reader to computational thinking, a way of thinking that is the basis of learning how to program, an activity that nowadays is considered jus ... Show Book

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    The Battle with Samaael

    Lindholm, Ola

    In the second and final part of "The Dreamcatcher", Ola Lindholm is not shy of blood, sweat and tears when he takes his hero into the final battle.

    When the first book about the orphan dreamcatcher Andy e ... Show Book

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    The Beast in the Labyrinth and other Greek Tales

    Thor, Annika

    Evil brings death, jealousy and greed, passionate love and horrible revenge. In the tales of ancient Greece there is all this and more! When Annika Thor collects the well-known myths from ancient Greece, adding a few les ... Show Book

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    IRL: Impatience. Rage. Love.

    Frensborg, Maria

    Josef is just an ordinary guy who likes computer games and chocolate. His life is turned upside down after his father ends up in a coma after an accident. His father just lies there still and lifeless in a hospital be ... Show Book

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    Bergting, Peter

    It’s summer vacation at the Magic Academy, but the three friends Miranda, Orville and Emmi can't go home. They are locked up in the school! And the school isn't its usual self. The whole house has changed and become a da ... Show Book

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    Hidden Letters and Silver Secrets

    Genar, Katarina

    An autumn school holiday turns into an exciting adventure when Erik and Alva find long-hidden, long-forgotten letters in an old summer house and are soon hot on the trail of a secret. It is the grey month of November and ... Show Book

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