Fiction 9-12

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    The Beast Awakes

    Lindholm, Ola

    Andy has lost his parents in a car accident. His foster parents are horrible and in the end Andy runs away. For a long while he manages on his own. Eating whatever he can find, sleeping high up in the treetops.

    Bu ... Show Book

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    Billie: Departure 9:42 to the New Life

    Kadefors, Sara

    Departure 9:42 to the New Life is the first book about Billie who has been placed in a foster home in the middle of nowhere. But this is not a depressing social realistic story, quite the opposite. It is Billie who ma ... Show Book

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    The Hidden Code

    Moström, Tor
    Wendt, Johan

    A graphic novel introducing the reader to computational thinking and programming.

    Curly Bracket is an illustrated adventure story that takes place in a futuristic world. It is also a book full of facts. Principle ... Show Book

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    Craft, Creation and Thinking

    Ek, Elin

    In this book there are tips as to how you simply and inexpensively can create personal and useful things for yourself, your room or for oth¬ers. Sew a nice cushion with a secret pocket, make your own eye mask to shut out ... Show Book

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    Screams in the Night

    Jacobsson, Anders

    Kip Jansson’s brother has had a baby so Kip is now an uncle. Kip is extremely proud and cocky about it, until he mentions it in school. Some of the older boys call him “uncle" and wonder where he keeps his walking stick, ... Show Book

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    The Ice Ship

    Bergting, Peter

    Mysteries pile up when the three friends Miranda, Orville and Emmi start a new term at the Magic Academy. In the middle of a thunderstorm, a float¬ing ship made of ice appears over the school. Where has it come from? Why ... Show Book

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