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    ABC and all about D

    Ulmaja, Nina

    Hurrah for the alphabet - mankind’s most important invention!

    Five thousand years ago, not a single person could read or write
    There weren’t any letters of the alphabet!

    Try to imagine what it would b ... Show Book

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    Super Fast

    Höjer, Dan

    Meet fast birds, trains, people and planets! How fast is the world’s fastest roller coaster? Who was the fastest Greek god? And how fast can a human swim com¬pared to a shark? But is it always good to be fast?
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    Earths Coolest Creatures

    Hansegård, Jens

    Meet the hardest-skinned survivors in the world! Entertaining and readable, a book about animals that live in the most extreme places on our planet.Show Book

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    Super Strong

    Höjer, Dan

    We meet Magnus, one of the strongest men in the world and arm-wrestling Heidi from Lappland, Greek boxers, cheating strong men, Norse gods, children’s nurses, and tiny strong ants. Can you be strong even if you are weak?Show Book

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    About Space

    Salmson, Jo

    The fiction writer Jo Salmson and the illustrator Axel Rator present exciting facts about space for inquiring new readers. In the newly launched series “Easy to read - Facts"

    Join a fantastic journey into ... Show Book

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    Märta's Horse Book

    Eklund Wilson, Erika

    Martha teaches us all about horses in an entertaining reference book!

    In four books we have read about Martha who both loves horses and is a little afraid of them. She also likes writing and now she ha ... Show Book

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