Non Fiction

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    Everybody wants food

    Rottböll, Grethe

    A colourful and playful fact book for the youngest children, about ordinary animals and insects in our immediate environment.

    Have you found a butterfly, a worm or a frog? Here you can find out what fo ... Show Book

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    Fanny Crochet Amigurumi

    Bengtsson-Jakobsson, Mia

    In "Crochet fun amigurumis" there are even more irresistible amigurumi patterns for everyone who enjoys crocheting. The first book "Crochet an amigurumi" was a great success, with its easy-to-follow patterns and delig ... Show Book

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    Finding History

    Vänehem, Mats

    A non-fiction book fun for both kids and adults!

    Come along on a journey of discovery in pictures, and learn some interesting facts into the bargain! “Finding History" is a fantastic, fascinating historical pict ... Show Book

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    The New Friendship Book

    Widmark, Martin

    A cool book for everybody who likes The Whodunit Detective Agency, and who would like a book where friends can fill in information about themselves – everything from where they were born to their fingerprints! You can ... Show Book

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    Crochet Amigurumi

    Bengtsson-Jakobsson, Mia

    Crochet! It is fun and you can make gifts for all your friends. In the book you find detailed explantions of how to do your own crochet figure.

    Amigurumi is Japanese and means little crochet stuffed animal. They ... Show Book

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    All about the universe - stars, galaxies and cosmic mysteries

    Lindström, Jonathan

    The universe is endless... and that is err... great. And lots of things about it can’t be explained. But the things we do know about the universe are as exciting as a thriller! Black holes sucking in things, and far, ... Show Book

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