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    A Party for All

    Oljemark, Ninni

    Topsy-Turvy gets a new resident, pig Greta moves in! Wolf, Rune and Rabbit immediately get curious. Who is she? Does she like cakes? What if she is too shy to make contact with her new neighbors? What if she thinks Wo ... Show Book

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    A Museum for All

    Oljemark, Ninni

    The three friends Wolf, Rune and Rabbit live all together in a small house, in the town of Topsy-Turvy. All three are quite different. Wolf is good at baking and making sure that everyone gets on. Rabbit like to eat c ... Show Book

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    The Jungle's Pirates

    Thorsson, Kjell


    The Jungles Pirates is the third book about Mino and Micke. An imaginative and action-packed series of picture books for all fans of vehicles, inventions and adventures!


    < ... Show Book
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    The Ghost in the Library

    Genar, Katarina


    The Ghost in the Library is a stand-alone title with longer text, in the exciting and scary "Mysterious School" series.


    Greta loves her school. Mysterious things happen here, things n ... Show Book

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    Pelle No-Tails School: The Activity book of Trafic

    Knutsson, Gösta
    Berglin, Charlotta
    Flygare, Ingrid


    An activity book in which Pelle and his friends teach children about traffic. Help Pelle find his way in his town and challenge your friends in Pelle's traffic games. As a bonus, you will learn everything ab ... Show Book

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