Picture Books

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    Weather with Vilda

    Wirsén, Carin

    Vilda wants to go out and play. But what is the weather like? And what kind of clothes does she need? Warm and comfortable winter jackets definitely warm you up in the cold weather! But look at the little one! She has ... Show Book

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    Read with Lucia

    Wirsén, Carin

    “Read with Lucia” is about the joy of discovering the letters that surround you and to begin to understand what they mean. Lucia wants to go out on a letter hunt in the city. As she walks through the streets, she sees ... Show Book

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    The Tale of the Wonderful Rabbit Family and The Ghost Train

    Björnstjerna, Jonna

    Beware! This time you will join in for a breathtaking train ride towards an abyss together with Little Brother Rabbit and a bunch of ghosts, skeletons, headless pigs and other horrible creatures.

    There is a rumo ... Show Book

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    All Three on an Excursion with The Green Pea Pre-School

    Nilsson Thore, Maria

    Put on your high-visibility vest and hold on to your friend. It is finally time for an excursion with the Green Pea Pre-School! Along the way, Idde, Valle and Ester see a lot of exciting things: dogs taking walks, ins ... Show Book

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    The Book About Getting Siblings

    Frensborg, Maria

    There is a baby in mummy’s tummy! Mika is a going to get a sibling! It will be called Sparkle Baby! Mika has made up her mind about that. Mika asks and asks: Can the baby hear in the stomach? How did it get in there? ... Show Book

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    Come on Now, Sam

    Rådström, Sofia

    Little Sam and Dad are going to the shops, but there are so many fun and interesting things to discover along the way. Sam would really like to stop for a minute to pet the dog, or why not getting a ride on the bus, e ... Show Book

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