Young Adult

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    Wiström, Flora

    Esther feels like she is stuck and getting nowhere with her life. Her existence seems to come down to endless shifts at the second-band bookshop and decadent Saturday nights with her best friend Hanin. But one day she me ... Show Book

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    A Dance for a Dead Princess

    Kahn, Lo

    A thief, a castle maid and a young soldier are only a few of the characters caught within this deadly fight for the double-throne and the crumbling world's destiny. Step into the light of the twin moons to a world where ... Show Book

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    Nordin, Magnus

    When Elin and Denise set foot on the island the sun is shining over the open sea. It is almost too good to be true. The summer job that they have applied for together is pure gold. All they need to do is mow the grass an ... Show Book

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    Manifest for the Hopeless

    Asptjärn, Åsa

    Emanuel Kent is back, this time with a manifest of “how everything must remain as it is". But how do you achieve that when everything keeps on changing around you? While Emanuel daydreams about being swallowed up as if i ... Show Book

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    Rings on Black Water

    Åkerblom, Gull

    In a sleepy little community, the vicarage has long stood empty and abandoned till one summer’s day Ben and his family move in. Ben is quite a lonesome boy. He doesn’t have any real friends and he feels different from hi ... Show Book

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    The Andersson House

    Haridi, Alex

    Alex Haridi makes his debut with The Andersson House, a gothic inspired book for adolescents in the same mode as To Kill a Mocking Bird and Stand by Me. At times unpleasantly creepy, sometimes hum ... Show Book

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