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    Bengtsdotter, Lina

    Autumn has come and Charlie Lager is back in Stockholm after the dramatic investigation into Annabelle’s disappearance in Gullspång.


    The media are reporting on a spate of suicides by young people. Three ... Show Book

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    Pastor Viveka III

    Haaland, Annette

    The new Swedish feel-good sensation - over 100 000 copies sold in Sweden alone!


    A new case for pastor Viveka! The series is a light-hearted and entertaining tale set in the quaint Stockho ... Show Book

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    Nesser, Håkan

    Intrigo - The book behind the films


    Now a major Hollywood production, directed by Daniel Alfredson and featuring Ben Kingsley


    Håkan's books have sold over 15 million copies worldwide and ar ... Show Book

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    Holmén, Martin

    The trilogy begins during the cold, dark autumn of the Kreuger Crash in 1932, while the finale takes place four years later. In each of the novels, Harry Kvist gets caught in the crossfire between powerful groupings a ... Show Book

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    Olofsson, Elin

    September, 1949. The young German woman Uli Hartmann arrives at the train station at Krokom, northern Sweden. She's wearing a luscious fur coat that she’s stolen from her previous employer Mrs. Cederstam in Malmö, and ... Show Book

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    The Watcher

    Eriksson, Caroline

    The author Elena is newly separated from her husband and lives temporarily in suburbia hell without much contact to the outside world. The only person she meets with any regularity is her sister, but their relationshi ... Show Book

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