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    The Last Pig

    Engdahl, Horace

    The Last Pig is a book in two parts.

    The first is made up of aphorisms, an anachronistic form that fits this (culturally) conservative author like a glove. Lengthwise they range from one-line tweets to c ... Show Book

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    Pastor Viveka and the Old Ladies

    Haaland, Annette

    Viveka is an ordinary free church pastor, rapidly approaching fifty and starting to get sick of always being there for everyone else. At home, she has four kids and an absent-minded husband, and at work, it’s the fierce ... Show Book

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    A Melody for Walking

    Olofsson, Elin

    The famous singer and songwriter Sonia ‘Salida’ Sallström returns to her old childhood home, a homestead deep in the Swedish woods in Jämtland, to write her memoirs. With her she brings her young assistant, Harpan, with ... Show Book

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    Berge, Lars

    Sven was: a pr-genius with a smart, pretty wife and lovely daughter. Successful, in the know, always at the best parties and generally acknowledged to be a really cool guy. One of the coolest, actually.

    S ... Show Book

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    Holmén, Martin

    Harry Kvist is wrongly accused of murder. The only witness who could get him acquitted, the prostitute Sonja, suddenly disappears and is then found murdered. Harry tries desperately to clear his name of both murders.Show Book

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